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As a provider on the open Smart Life system, Tuya offers any interested manufacturer to turn their Smart Home products into Smart Life devices by integrating their products into the Smart Life system and making them controllable via Smart Life App. The business model results in Smart Life App controlling most of the individual devices worldwide and new Smart Life devices are constantly coming on the market.

To keep a better overview, here we divide our Smart Life devices into the following categories:


Durch eingebautem elektronischen Modul in einem normalen Schalter wird das Gerät zu Smart Schalter und kann zusätzlich via Smart Life App gesteuert werden.
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Zur dieser Kategorie gehören wohl die meisten Smart Life Geräte. Dazu gehören die Themenbereiche Überwachung, Messung und Schließung.
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Beim Thema Energie geht es vor allem um intelligente Regulierung der Heiz- und Klimaanlage mit dem Ziel, Energie zu sparen sowie höheren Komfort.
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Darunter fallen sämtliche Smart Life Geräte rund um den eigenen Haushalt an, von Beleuchtung, Entertainment bis zu Küchengeräten.
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Ein Gateway ist ein Gerät, welches zwei Systeme verbindet, häufig um Smart Life Geräten mit Zigbee/ Bluetooth und WLAN-Router herzustellen.
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Mit Smart Life Geräten können auch Deine Sonnenschutzsysteme wie Rollladen, Gardinen oder Rollos mit wenigem Aufwand smart umgerüstet werden.
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Im Bereich Gesundheit zählen vor allem smarte Produkte, die gesundheitlich relevante Daten messen, speichern und analysieren können, z. B. die Smart Watch.
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Auch für unsere vierbeinigen Freunde von Zuhause bietet Smart Life interessante Geräte an, wie zum Beispiel ein smarter Futterautomat .
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A built-in electronic module in a normal switch turns the device into a smart switch and can additionally be controlled via Smart Life app. In principle, any switch can be made smart. However, smart light switches are most commonly used in the home, where switching can be timed or smartly programmed.

The smart switch segment also includes power outlets and power strips such as the SIRO SL00407W smart power outlet and the SIRO SL00307W smart power strip. With these products, the switching on and off of the power line can be controlled via app, just like with a switch.

Since a power strip can be used flexibly anywhere, you can “upgrade” many of your household appliances with minimal effort. A useful application would be, for example, to automate the decoration lamp temporally or in combination with another switch.

siro smart life smart schalter rolladen steckdosen


siro smart life tuya smart Haus sicherheit scaled

The security category probably includes most smart life devices, which are divided into monitoring, measuring and closing.

Surveillance includes various cameras and motion detectors. With a modern video camera like the SIRO SL01204W PTZ camera, equipped with infrared sensor, speaker and microphone, you can monitor an entire room day and night and have all movements recorded. Via Smart Life app you can still control the camera remotely, move and zoom in to better observe objects. The built-in microphones and speakers additionally enable acoustic communication on both sides.

The smart doorbell works in a similar way. Equipped with a bell, video and intercom, you can communicate with visitors remotely via app. The wireless version can also be easily attached to the door without mounting.

A motion detector integrated with the Smart Life app can send the motion message to your smartphone via push signal, just like a camera.

Numerous sensors are used in the topic of measurement, for example, to better secure your home against accidents or burglary. Water, gas and smoke detectors not only make an acoustic alarm in critical cases, but also send warning signals to your smartphone at the same time, which can make a decisive contribution to preventing or reducing damage.        

Other sensors such as door / window sensor or vibration sensor serve as detectors on the one hand for monitoring accesses or objects, on the other hand as signal generators in scene creation in combination with other smart devices. The most common smart application is the automatic shutdown of the heating as soon as a window opens.


Locking mechanisms can also be made smart. A smart front door lock like the SIRO SL03612Z can be opened remotely with fingerprint, numeric code or smart life app on your smartphone. Moreover, the smart front door lock can register every opening and send messages to you if necessary.

Similar functions can also be found in other smart locks, such as the padlock.


Energy is mainly about smart regulation of heating and air conditioning to save energy and increase your comfort.

For radiator heating, it is done by simply replacing the single radiator thermostat. The battery-powered smart radiator thermostats look similar to the traditional ones, are usually controlled and programmed by the Smart Life app via Bluetooth or Zigbee like SIRO radiator thermostats SL02105B and SL02205Z. Time program, remote control and scene creation then offer you all the possibilities to control your heating system economically and smartly.

Central heating system or underfloor heating is smartly converted by replacing the room thermostat with the same principle, which is usually also quite easy to implement.

siro smart life tuya energie geld sparen scaled


siro smart life tuya smart haushaltsgeraet klein

This is where all smart life devices related to your own household are included, from lighting, entertainment to kitchen appliances.

Probably the most purchased and used device of these is the light bulb. In the Smart Life lamps, as with many household appliances, a Smart Life module was already built in during production. Thus, the lamps can be operated directly without a switch but with a smartphone after integration with the Smart Life app. A smart lamp offers much more than just switching it on and off. A modern smart light bulb still has the functions dimmer, light quality setting to warm or cold light as well as countless color combination, which can all be set or programmed via app.

Another useful example relates to entertainment. By using an IR (infrared) gateway like the SIRO IR Gateway SL00607W, your entertainment equipment like TV and music system can be connected to the Smart Life app and operated via smartphone.

Smart Life devices also find their application in the kitchen. A smart kitchen scale, for example, not only measures the weight when preparing food, but also delivers the weighed data to your smartphone. The Smart Life app can evaluate the relevant data of the materials taken, such as calories, fat content, carbohydrates, etc. and save them for you.

Control center

A gateway in Smart Home is a device that connects two systems. Often a gateway is used to connect Smart Life devices with Zigbee or Bluetooth and the house’s own WLAN route with WiFi radio standard. Since our smartphone can access our WLAN route, the Smart Life devices with smartphone are thus integrated. We can then use the smartphone to control the devices via app.

A gateway in that case converts data or control command from Zigbee or Bluetooth to WiFi and vice versa to enable communication between smartphone and end devices.

Usually, a gateway converts signals from only one specific radio standard into WiFi standard. A Zigbee gateway like the SIRO SL02905Z can only control Zigbee devices.


However, the SL030004E multi-channel gateway can control Smart Life devices in both Zigbee and Bluetooth radio standards. For users with devices in different radio standards, one gateway is then sufficient.    

Another type of gateway is the IR gateway. It establishes the connection between infrared (IR) and WiFi. It is necessary if the devices with infrared remote control like a TV smart should be operated.

siro smart life tuya smart gateway hub plugin

Sun Protection

siro smart life tuya smart elektrische gardinen vorhang sonnenschuzt

Your sun protection systems such as roller blinds, curtains or roller blinds can also be converted to smart with little effort.

For roller shutters or awnings, you only need to replace the old switch with a smart switch. Since such smart switches mostly work with WiFi radio and can be connected directly with WiFi route, usually not even the use of gateway is necessary.

With the smart shutter switch, all the convenience of smart home can also be incorporated into the sun protection systems.

Compatible with the German standard, both SIRO roller shutter switch SL00110D and fit the most common flush-mounted boxes.

To automate curtains or drapes a running track with an electric drive is used, making it an electric curtain track. If a smart module is installed in the drive, the system can be smartly controlled and programmed with all associated functions.

Usually, a track is ordered with custom length or you buy one with standard length and somehow have to cope with it. With the SIRO SL00502W electric curtain track, the custom length track is made possible with the purchase of a standard product without any assembly work. The patented pull-on system pulls the track to the desired length and fixes it with the tightening of a single screwdriver. A super simple and innovative system.

Very innovative is also the solution for smart conversion of the interior roller blind. By using tubular drive or also called tubular motor, a tubular drive is suitably inserted into the rotary shaft of the roller blind and drives the roller blind by its own rotation.

The tubular motors are usually driven by rechargeable batteries to keep the system wireless. If necessary, motors with 230V or DC connection are also used.

As with other devices, motors are equipped with smart module and can be controlled smart with or without a gateway, depending on the radio standard used.


In the area of health, smart products that measure, store and analyze health-related data are particularly important.   

A smart Swatch or a smart bathroom scale not only measures the data, but also sends the data to the app on your smartphone. The app stores and analyzes the data. This way, you always have an overview of your health data and its development and can react accordingly.

siro smart life tuya gesundheit vita

Animal World

siro smart life tuya tierfutter automat

Smart Life also offers interesting devices for our four-legged friends at home. Smarter feeder would be a good example of this. Smarter feeder not only dispenses food automatically by a timer or a remote control but can also have camera and intercom, so that monitoring and communication are possible from a distance.

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