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For all smart home friends who want to gradually design and implement their smart home individually for little money!

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Our customers are thrilled!

Daniel R.
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Thank you very much for the great advice and quick processing. You feel very well cared for here. Clear recommendation on my part!
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The second delivery also arrived well packaged. High quality goods, works as described. Voice control with Alexa works as expected.
Alex Hindrichs
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Everything worked out wonderfully. The switches are built in and do their job without complaint.

Smart Life products from SIRO

Individual Smart Life products for beginners and retrofitters

With high quality Smart Life products, SIRO offers you simple, innovative and, above all, inexpensive solutions for your individual Smart Home.

With the Smart Life products from SIRO, you don’t have to invest big. You can start small and easily expand at any time. Even if you are not planning a complex renovation, we offer you a cost-effective way to start your individual smart home project. No previous knowledge or the laying of cables is required. All you need is a simple wireless router with internet access and our free “Smart Life” app.

With one or more Smart Life products of your choice you can start immediately to make your home even safer, more comfortable and more intelligent!

A flexible “Smart Life” app for everything …

In contrast to many well-known manufacturers who offer self-contained systems, “ Smart Life” is an open system. Every manufacturer can ensure their products are compatible with the “Smart Life” app by integrating a “Smart Life” module.

As a result, there are more “Smart Life” app compatible products available worldwide than apps from other manufacturers. This alliance of the manufacturers involved releases more and more innovative forces and drives development forward very quickly.

For this reason, SIRO relies on the cooperation with the Smart Life System and offers the compatibility of our products with the “Smart Life” app.

The big advantage for you as a user of smart life products is that you are not dependent on a manufacturer to build your smart home with smart life products. Although all of the smart home products offered here can be controlled with an app, you are not only bound to SIRO products. You can also integrate devices from other manufacturers that are compatible with the “Smart Life” app into your smart home control system at any time. As a user, you have extensive products from different manufacturers available for your system.

Smart Life App and Tuya App

Smart Life is often mentioned in connection with Tuya, such as “Smart Life powered by Tuya”. Tuya, is a successful company founded in 2014 that brought the Smart Life System to life and is still leading and expanding it.

In the meantime, Tuya has become one of the largest B2B platforms for the topic of “Smart Home Solutions”. By integrating compatible modules in the product, Tuya’s open system enables manufacturers from all over the world to use their products in conjunction with the Smart Life System to make smart homes compatible. Tuya is already working with over 20,000 customers around the world to expand the portfolio of compatible smart home products
and devices to expand.

In addition to the “Smart Life” app, Tuya also has a “Tuya” app. The range of functions and compatibility are largely identical. If you are already using the “Tuya” app, you can easily control the Smart Life products purchased here with your “Tuya” app.

The “Smart Life” app uses high-quality encryption technology (GDPR-certified) with data centers in Germany in order to guarantee customer data security.

Competent support and service

Good service is just as important as good products. Product advice plays an important role, especially when it comes to smart homes with high-tech products. With more than 15 years of experience, SIRO attaches great importance to customer satisfaction.

Contact us whenever you have questions about products, deliveries or services. Our competent advisory team is always happy to assist you.

Free delivery within Germany

If you are not satisfied, all products have a right of return within 30 days of receipt of the goods.

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