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WiFi electric curtain rails

  • Smart electric 2-run curtain track. Can be controlled directly via the app without a gateway or hand-held transmitter
  • Individual rail length continuously adjustable: 1200-2200mm (max. Opening width 800-1800mm)
  • Super easy assembly in less than 1 minute without any assembly whatsoever
  • Automatic end positions, time programs, scene creation and much more
  • Docked and therefore exchangeable and low-noise drive with 230V AC connection
  • Also suitable for double curtains when used with 2 sets
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Additional manual operation for opening or closing by pulling the curtain is possible at any time


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scope of delivery

  • 1x curtain rail
  • 1x engine
  • 1x remote control

Technical details

  • Communication: WLAN
  • Power supply: 230V

operation manual

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Smart Life Wlan electric curtain track


SIRO electric curtain rail SL00502W is an innovative and smart rail system for curtains or drapes, equipped with 2 offset runs, each for the right and left curtain shell. Thanks to the patented pull-up system, the electric curtain rail can be easily brought to your desired length, without the hassle of assembly.

In addition to using the hand-held transmitter supplied, you can use the Smart Life app to enjoy control of the Smart Home function. For friends of double curtains, you can use 2 sets of the electrical curtain rails from SIRO with a double-channel hand-held transmitter or via the app to operate them comfortably.

Standard product with tailor-made rail length

Unpack the supplied rail, pull the two rails of the rail system apart to your desired length, tighten a single screw.

You have already completed your SIRO rail in your tailor-made length, without any assembly work. You can change the length at any time if you want to use the splint for a different length.

Easy commissioning without assembly

To use the rails after setting the appropriate length, you only need to attach the complete rail set with the pre-assembled suspensions to the location you want and to dock the separately parked drive. Then you can hang up your preferred curtain or curtain fabric.

It has never been so easy to “cut” a curtain rail to an individual length!

Commissioning an electrical rail has never been so easy!

Electric curtain rail – operation with app and hand-held transmitter

A 1-channel hand-held transmitter is always included to operate the electric curtain rail SL00502W. Thanks to the built-in WLAN module, you can also control your curtain with the “Smart Life” app (or Tuya app) directly and without an additional gateway.

Enjoy all the advantages such as time programs and end point settings from Smart Life.

Manual operation for all cases

In normal operation, you can also control your curtain manually by pulling the fabric open or closed like a simple curtain. This triggers the switching mechanisms of the system and the curtain opens or closes electrically.

Even in the event of a power failure or failure of the drive, you can easily operate the curtain manually. The system behaves like a mechanical system – draw the curtain open or close as you would with a manual system.

Electric curtain rail – insert for a double curtain

If you want a double curtain with blackout curtain and separate curtain, the smart SIRO curtain rail SL00502W also fits perfectly.

To do this, you need two identical systems, which you can then conveniently control in combination using the “Smart Life” app. On request, you can also order the matching 2-channel hand transmitter to operate the 2 curtains with one hand transmitter.

Our WEEE registration number is: WEEE Reg.-No. DE59943004


1200-2200mm (max. Opening width 800-1800mm)



Power supply


Power cable length

220 cm


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